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What is Counselling?

There are many popular ideas about counselling which bear little relation to what goes on in the counselling room.

Sometimes it is easier to define counselling in terms of what it is not. For example counselling is not:

(although there may well be links and similarities with all or any of the above at different times, depending on the person and the circumstances).

Counselling is however, a professional relationship entered into with the expectation of effecting positive change in the life of the person who wishes to be helped.

Many people feel that problems should be dealt with privately, within your own family, not involving outsiders.

However, sometimes this just doesn’t work. Often there are conflicts and hurts from past family events or crises, that no one wants to talk about any more. Or partners, parents, brothers, sisters, relatives, simply don’t understand what you are struggling with.

This is when you need someone outside the situation to talk to, with the security of knowing that everything shared is strictly confidential and will be received respectfully.

This is what Olive Branch Counselling is all about. We can offer that “safe space” where anyone struggling with emotional difficulties can express and explore their feelings without fear of judgement, criticism or being misunderstood.