frequently asked questions


How can I access counselling?

You need to contact us yourself either by telephone or by email. Once we have your name and number we will add you to our assessment waiting list. Unfortunately we may not be able to respond to everyone individually, but please be assured that you are on our waiting list and we will contact you as soon as we have space for an assessment. Average wait times for an assessment is 6 weeks. 

What type of counselling do you offer?

Our counsellors are trained in Person Centred counselling and various other integrative humanistic counselling theories. We offer one to one counselling for up to a year; we can go longer than a year if you and your counsellor think it would be beneficial to do so. 

Who can't you help?

We don't counsel clients under 18. We don't counsel clients who are receiving counselling else where. We don't counsel clients who are struggling with addiction as we are not addiction specialists. There may be occasions in an assessment session where it is felt that you may be better seeking more specialist help for an area that you want help with. This is what the assessment session is for, for us to establish whether we are the right place for you, and for you to decide if you want to come to us. 

Why won't you accept referrals?

There are two reasons. One we cannot contact someone without their consent, we frequently get phone calls from people saying their partner, child or mother needs counselling and can we call them on their number. We cannot because we don't know whether that person actually has consented to their information being shared, we don't know if they actually want counselling for themselves. The second reason is that it's really important for your own journey that you make the time and effort to contact us yourselves, counselling is a commitment of time and energy and we need to know you are ready for that. 

How long will I have to wait?

On average, clients wait 6-8 weeks for an assessment. From assessment, on average, clients will have to wait 2-4 months for a counsellor. There are anomalies either side of these average figures. For example, you may wait longer if your availability is limited to only evenings. We have less counsellors who volunteer in the evenings.  You may have to wait longer if your counselling needs means that you need a counsellor experienced in the area that you need help with.